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Communicating science: a selection of blog posts from the British Science Association



I've been blogging for the British Science Association for about three years. Here is a selection of my posts. Please browse.


The AI Revolution: Jim Al-Khalili’s Presidential Address 2018

Don't take my word for it: Dame Uta Frith's Presidential Address 2017

What are universities for? Dame Nancy Rothwell's Presidential Address 2016

In the driving seat: what’s the risk with epilepsy?

Resilient reefs BSAblog

A future divided?

The weight of expectation

Shedding light on baby brain injury

Hunting for a Huntington’s treatment

Getting in the neural groove

From kings to keyholes

Will you be my friend?

The acoustics of nature

Can astronomy save Earth’s species?

OCD: living with a monster

Can music change our immune system?

Reaching for the stars with George Abbey

The calculus of contagion

I work with the Award Lecturers at the British Science Festival each year, helping them hone their presentations and develop their skills. If you're interested in working on similar scicomm presentations or projects, I'd love to hear from you.

Then again, you might be interested in hiring me to write a blog post. I'd love to.

Email me:


Cochlea of the inner ear, Dr David Furness Wellcome Images, 2011



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